What happened at school was…

Write about a student going through a day of school, but write the sequence of events in reverse

“I can’t sleep” Tom complained as he tossed and turned in bed, thinking about the girl with the red hair. During Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy night, Tom was asked about his day at school. All Tom could think of was the one girl in school that actually talked to him.

“There’s this girl at school.” blurted out of Tom’s mouth like a ghost pepper that had touched the tip of his tongue. 

Her name was never found in the river of questions, but she had asked him interesting inquiries like “Do you have a pencil I can borrow?” and “Did we have a reading assignment last night?” When she walked into the classroom, Tom had started choking as if he had some human version of kennel cough.

The school day already started off difficult when he was asked in Math class how to solve for “X” and he responded “I don’t know “Y” this is important.” Tom always dragged his feet when he walked down the halls, except for when he first spotted the girl with the red hair drinking at the water fountain. Tom had brought a water bottle with him to school, but two boys from his gym class pushed him into a locker and stole it from him. 

Tom experienced a cardio-filled day since he missed the bus from rummaging around in the garage, searching for a water bottle. Tom’s father yelled for fifteen minutes for Tom to get out of bed where he was too busy dreaming about finding the perfect girl. 

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