Beware the Compare

“I’m stronger than him.” 

  “I’m prettier than her.”
                                                                                                                   “I make more money than them.” 

It’s become common in today’s society to compare yourself with others, showcasing the strengths and weaknesses you  may have. Let’s break down some examples: 

Someone sees their ex dating someone else. They judge how their ex looks, they critique how the new partner looks. That their ex won’t find someone better than them. 

Does it make you happier to put other people down? While you’re talking about them, they are trying to be happy together. I get it, it’s tough to be happy for someone who hurt you, but what does the judgment resolve? You might be happy for a second, but then reality is going to hit that you are upset because you have to start over from square one. Back to the drawing board. Awkward first dates here we come. One of the most attractive things you could do is embrace maturity. You create your own happiness; the person you dated didn’t build your smile. You brought that individual, that happiness into your life. Not all trees stay grounded, some are cut down and your ex lover is the tree that needed to be cut down. It takes time to grow and some seeds are never replanted. At the end of the day, you should remember that whether you make mistakes or are hurt by them, you are amazing. You are a warrior.  

Someone feels like everyone in their life are advancing while they feel stuck.

One of the most dangerous comparisons is when everyone’s accomplishments are placed above your self-worth. “Jane just graduated with honors. Joe just got a new job making bank.” Everyone’s life has equal worth, but the journey each of us go on is completely different. Someone graduated college. You can graduate college. Someone bought their own place. You can have your own place. Someone found the love of their life. You can have the love of your life. The secret to success is to not replicate or diminish someone else’s achievements, but to stay focused on your path and use the strength that is buried inside of you to accomplish your goals.  

Who cares who wore the dress better, does it matter whose Justin Bieber’s #1 fan? As long as you are happy, that is what makes you valuable. It makes you look confident, it makes you look attractive, and it makes you look powerful. 

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