His Entries #7

August 18th, 2016


Dear Journal,
I was surprised with Jeff after he got out of work last night. He grabbed the packets from the kitchen island and asked if I wanted to fill them out together. My sweatpants were telling me to watch another episode of “How To Get Away with Murder.” but my conscious was revitalized. We ran into the bedroom and sat across from each other on our sky blue fleece Sherpa blanket.

He was trying to convince me that his favorite food changes and that can he put down Cheetos tonight. I told him I would be right back as I snuck into the kitchen, thoroughly looking for a bag of Cheetos. Cheez-it’s were the closest substitute. I slowly tip toed back into the room where Jeff was seductively staring at the ceiling and I began throwing the salty crackers at his sculpted torso. He smirked as he hurled them back at me. He caught one of them in his mouth and arfed barked like a seal. I snorted at his ridiculously cute impersonation.

Patricia suggested to Jeff and I that we should make the time to go on an official date. I felt so boring suggesting going out to dinner or going to see a movie. It’s been a while since we’ve been…romantic. I went to stopped by Big Y after summer school to pick up groceries for the house until I saw an envelope taped to the windshield of my blue 2008 Honda Civic.
“Meet me at Chicopee Memorial State Park @4 o’clock.
He’s so gay. But I was intrigued to see why I had to attend the park.
Fifteen minutes later, I pulled up to the park and heard a faint sound. It sounded like a chorus concert or something like that was performing. I walked through the entrance and was greeted by Jeff playing one of my favorite songs, Clair de lune, on the violin. His red, black, and white plaid shirt was exquisite. There was a small crowd of people surrounding him: two older couples were dancing with each other, and others tried to clap as much as they could. I felt like the flowers were blooming as he played such beautiful music. He revealed a picnic basket behind him and stopped playing to invite me into his space.
“What is all of this?” I blushed more than a rose.
“This is our date.” He responded nonchalantly.
“What about work?”
He smiled “I took a sick day.”
His appreciation for time sent goosebumps down my arms. I gently sat down on the blanket, welcomed by my old best friend. Familiar feelings bolted through the calming breeze, captured internal pain, and washed them down the drain.
I love you Jeff. I love you until forever dies.

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