Law of Attraction

Three best friends go on a trip together as a love triangle develops.

Samantha, Tori, and Nathan had been wanting to go camping all through staying bundled up and under blankets during the winter. Senior week was coming up and instead of feeling crowded at the beach with all of the other graduating seniors, they would find peace and quiet in the woods.

Nathan was able to borrow his father’s tent, Tori made lunches for everyone, and Samantha was in charge of the entertainment. The three of them met at Nathan’s house and packed his truck with everything the three of them brought.

“Whose going to sit in the front with me?”
Samantha and Tori were pretending to play rock, paper, scissors to see who was taking shot gun.
Samantha laughed “Can we both sit in the back?”
“I’m not your chauffeur ladies.”
“Fine, then I call shotgun!” Tori chirped up and ran to the passenger side of the truck.

Samantha hopped into the back of the pick up with a smudge of annoyance on her cheek. As they were driving to the camp ground, Tori looked at Nathan who suddenly lost his “brother complex.”
She wondered to herself “Now that we’re graduating high school, maybe it’s time to change things up.”
Tori licked her glossy lips and placed her hand on Nathan’s shoulder. “We’re all going to have so much fun!”
Samantha glared as she stared out of the window.


The truck pulled up to the camp ground where the breeze flew through the leaves in the trees. Birds were singing and soaring from tree to tree. The group heard the tall grass whistle as it brushed against their legs.
“I’m going to start setting up the tent.” Nathan said with a smile.
Tori grabbed Samantha’s arm to stop her from walking away. “Can we talk for a second?”

The two enchanting women walked to a shaker part of the woods below two trees that branched into an arch
“We’ve been best friends for five years now.” Tori started the conversation. “And I want us to be honest with each other. About everything.”
Samantha nodded in suspicion.
Tori cleared her throat “I like Nathan more than a friend. And I think I want to try to go out with him.”
The conversation grew quiet as Tori’s words cut into Samantha’s exterior.

“Do you like Nathan too?” Tori asked, concerned.
Samantha looked down. “No. But I like you.”
Tori gasped “What?”

Before Tori could exhale another word, Samantha leaned in and kissed Tori’s lips.
“What’s going on here?” Nathan asked with a surprised and defeated look on his face.
“Nathan, it’s not what you think.” Tori started to approach him.
Nathan stared directly at Samantha’s beatuy. “I really liked you Sam.” He retreated slowly back to the tent.

From the wise words of John Muir, “In every walk with nature on receives far more than he or she seeks.”

© 2016 Frank Anthony All Rights Reserved

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