Believe it if you C it

Enchanting scent

That lingers through the air

Summons a trance

Breaks down my defense

Created out of kindness

Hopeless heart, it’s decided

That your character is at its finest

You’re my gold, you’re my Midas

Consume your stare

I’m your mirror

Hear my voice

Be my hero

I struggle daily to sing my song

You remind me I knew it all along

If I could kiss you

If I could hold you

Would I miss you?

Have trust issues?

Lead me on my friend

I don’t mind it

Trap me in your web

I won’t fight it

The birds will flock to you

I can’t blame them

If I was Lucy

Dreams would come true

But I’m still grounded

They’re a flight risk

If you call me out

I will be honest

What am I saying?

Thoughts are crazy

This is ghost love

Dance with me Swayze?

Your mind is stable

Your work is valuable

Without a paycheck

You would make me flexible

Because you’re worthy

Of solemn greatness

No act of disrespect

Could make you useless

To know the real me

Break my fortress

Then you can bill me

Change me to paperless

I wish that our hands could meet

Without you I accept defeat

For now I will visibly hide

Let our friendship skim the tide

© 2016 Frank Anthony All Rights Reserved

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