His Entries #8

August 19th, 2016


I set up this date yesterday afternoon for Derek and he loved it. I love seeing Derek happy. I made a few cold cut sandwiches (one sandwich being peanut butter and jelly as a joke, but he devoured that one) and prepared a garden salad in a big green bowl. I forgot how to play Clair de lune on my violin, so for the past couple days, I would go over Drew’s house for an hour or two to practice the piece.

Drew’s boyfriend, Tom, would sit on the stairs in the basement and sway his body to the waves of the music.
“That was beautiful.” Tom vocalized after the last time I practiced. “He’s going to love it.”
“I hope so.” I nervously stated.
Drew walked down the stairs in ripped jeans and a black Punisher t-shirt.
“That sounded awesome man.”

Drew viewed life the same I did: it’s too short to not enjoy it. The therapy has been going better I’m more open to the therapy, but sometimes I think to myself “I could be at the beach right now.” or “I could be on a wine tour sampling the finest wines.”

But seeing the sparks in Derek’s eyes when I surprised him were was priceless. I think with some time things are going to look up. 

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