Love Thy Lady

Beautiful words
Crafted by one soul of a thousand beautiful faces
To misplace your love in someone else
Is like throwing money into the fire
Because her strength can lift boulders
Without a callus on her hands
Smoke and mirrors won’t stand a chance
The heart that continues beating
After life tried to beat her
Will love you like no one else can.

She will play with your interests
Not distrusting thoughts
Just lift her on your shoulders
Let her soar through the sky
Instead of smashing her dreams
And burying her alive
We are human, no one is perfect
Happiness is not a tattoo
But try to treat her with respect
Kindess is not taboo
I shake my head for those who have bruised her trust
To never know what is truly missed
It’s like always biting into a cider donut
And never licking your lips.


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