His Entries #9

August 20th, 2016


These Saturday therapy sessions can be a pain sometimes. Derek is at least done with teaching summer school, but my job isn’t so flexible. Mike and Drew asked me about hitting the beach this morning. The sun was playing on top of the waves; the guys probably had a blast. 

But the good news is that therapy went well for the most part. We caught the therapist up on what has been going on, all good things. Then we started to discuss our plans this weekend. My parents came in this weekend to visit me, but Derek isn’t too fond of them.

Derek grew more quiet when my parents were mentioned. The therapist asked him about my parents and he responds “They’re alright.” 

I was a little pissed. My parents are nice to him. I don’t think he has a good reason to not like them. Hopefully things lighten up until they leave on Monday.


Dear Journal,

I talked to Patricia about having one-on-one therapy Wednesday nights after I get out of work. The couples therapy is good, but sometimes I feel like I need to get things off of my chest without Jeff around. It’s like when someone is singing. When you’re in front of someone, you sing more quietly, if at all. But when you’re alone, you get this sense of security to belt out the words.

“How does Jeff feel about this?” Patricia’s lips formed an “O” shape.
“Jeff doesn’t know I’m doing this.”
Her fragrance smacked me into a coma “You shouldn’t keep this a secret.
“Well I am.”

I didn’t intend to give Patricia attitude, but she doesn’t know the full story of everything.

Before I could walk out her office door, the words snuck out of my mouth “Jeff’s parents don’t know he’s gay.”

Her face turned white, but before she could respond, Jeff walked back into the room. “Sorry, my mom was asking me every question under the sun about how to work the T.V.”

Her eyes followed us with every step we took. As we sat down in Jeff’s car, my phone buzzed. I read the bright screen “First appointment this coming Wed? -P”


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