Dear Future Me

Write a letter to your 35 year old self

Dear middle-aged self,

I hope that you are happy. I hope you have accomplished dreams. I hope that you found someone who keeps the smile on your face. I know that the choices I make now will determine how my life is in the future. There are going to be more hurdles appearing in my path, but I have to remember to not trip and remain on the ground. Time isn’t stopping because you’re upset or because someone hurt you. You will move on from the pain, but have not completed as much as you could have if you weren’t caught up on the small things. Certain events are going to suck, but there are also going to be some amazing ones. I hope that I am making a difference; I hope I am loving what I’m doing. I hope I don’t change my beliefs; I hope I stay true to myself. I hope love overpowers money in my life; I hope I hold onto my inner youth. I hope I have children and at least one dog. I hope I can handle things without my mother’s guidance. I hope the world is a kinder and better place. But I know that you can’t do any of this without my perseverance. My strength. My knowledge. My sanity. My open-mindedness. My kindness.

Love yourself as much as you do right now.

-23 year old self

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