You’re Not Alone

Do you remember when happiness had a name? You used to hold its hand as it smiled at you with a thoughtful stare. You were in love with a future together. You understood the exuberant behavior surrounding you. “Please don’t change like the leaves on the trees” you would think.

Was the love poisoned with fear? Did you cry jealous tears? Were feelings ready to retire? Create a storm of hate fire? Did the laughs lose their fun? Do they live with the moon and the sun?

Don’t use your water to dampen the pillows; don’t consume rage and burn your heroes. You are not alone.

We easily believe that other people are the only source of happiness, but all emotions you feel are controlled by you. You’re not only giving up a piece of your strength, but you’re giving that piece to someone who hurt you. Someone who might have put you through much distress.

We know what to do, we’ve heard the advice over and over again, but why don’t we put it to use? I’m hoping that anything I have to say in future posts you might digest and put to good use. Because life is too short not to live.

It’s fun to be in a relationship, but it’s okay to be single too. It is okay to have alone time. Embrace solitude, not isolation.

The theme of this blog is to show people how you can be alone, but also happy. How you can hang out with friends or other couples and have a great experience. To be a confident, positive, and fun to be around individual.

Everyone is allowed to have a bad day, all of us get angry or sad at one point in time. But your neutral state of mind should be at peace.

If you feel like what you’re going through is unbearable, if depression is literally beating you into the ground, you are not alone. You are loved and there are others who fit into the shoes that you are walking in.

I hope everyone has a self-assured Sunday!🙂

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