Week 3


Week 3 Weight: 153.4
Body Fat %: 13.6

This week was quite interesting for me as I went through different emotions throughout the week. Towards the beginning of the week, I ate a couple things that weren’t according to my diet plan. The good news is back then, I would stress about it and end up eating more and more “bad” food. But instead, I accepted it and kept moving forward which led to me sticking to the plan for most of the week. Yesterday was the other day that I ate something off of the plan for myself. Part of me wonders if I’m always going to have a slip up here and there or will I be able to deflect any temptation that comes my way. No one is perfect and with me eating the way I am now I’m not in no way trying to criticize how anyone else lives their life. Everyone should be doing what makes them happy. Gaining muscle and strength is something that makes me happy and feel like that I can overcome any obstacle that comes in my way.

Speaking of obstacles, this part of the blog post fits in with the “Date Yourself Project”. I’m the type of person and maybe it’s because I’m a manager at my job where if I see potential in you, I want you to be in charge of something, I want you to be a best friend, or I want you to have a future with me. I know what I want and that’s something I never have to doubt. I know some of you can relate to this: missing someone. It’s being human. It’s caring too much for someone. I know they would have been proud of me for accomplishing what I’ve been doing. But I want all of you reading to know that no matter who you lose through life, never stop caring about yourself. It’s easy to keep yourself down when inside, you have the strength to be remarkable. I feel like this excerpt sounds like gibberish, but that’s what emotions do sometimes.

Where what I said above was a struggle for me this week, I was very proud to see my results after I used a tape measure to calculate my body fat percentage. I know that using water displacement is probably one of the more accurate ways to compute body fat percentage, but I think that costs in between $40 to $60 a test at some hospital. I am not going to a hospital every week to do that, sorry! But back to my original point, I found out that my body fat % is 13.6 which is on the lower end of being considered fit! On those online dating sites, I can put “fit” and not feel like a dirty liar. But on a serious note, it was something to be proud of. There’s always going to be people that doubt your abilities, but anyone doing that to you either doesn’t really know you or doesn’t really care about you.

This fitness journey has been exciting!

Thanks for reading & have a great day! 🙂

©Frank Anthony 2017


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