Week 4


Weight: 153.0

Body Fat %: 14.1%

One month of focusing on my fitness & health and it has been a roller coaster. I gained 1.1% body fat after this week. It’s disappointing, but I also put it on myself (no pun intended). My diet was not the best this past week. I’ve come to realize bread is my arch nemesis. I need to find some alternatives because I love peanut butter, but what do I put it on? I think I’m so used to eating so many peanut butter & fluffs or peanut butter & jelly’s as a kid that I’ve grown accustomed to eat those specific things on bread.

The fitness aspect went better than I expected. I was able to squeeze in an extra set on Friday (one set from my workout plan is 7 different workouts that pertain to different parts of the body). I’m still working out at home since I own dumbbells. It’s also helping me save money, but Planet Fitness opened up on Boston Rd. so that’s tempting with all of the different machines and equipment they have to offer. I noticed that I desperately need 25lb dumbbells considering I own 20lb and 30lb. For some reason I skipped getting 25lb dumbbells at Dick’s.

Mentally, I’m trying not to get distracted by any negative energy. Stress is something that never benefits you in the long run.

One thing I’m looking on trying to solve is dark circles and bags under the eyes. I started using cucumber last week, and I feel like it’s not making a difference and results in stinging my eyes. My eyes are super sensitive: they water up easily and I have to constantly rub them (which I’m trying to do less of). If anyone has a solution for that, comment below!

Also, if anyone wants any fitness tips or has fitness tips to share, don’t be afraid to comment below. Let’s start having some discussions!

Have a great day everyone 🙂

©Frank Anthony 2017

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