Week 8

Week 7 Weight: 150.8

Week 8 Weight: 152.8

Body Fat %: 11.4

This week I experimented with going off of the diet and my mood felt bipolar. I realized that even if we all have the option to eat whatever we want, maybe we shouldn’t. And I say that not to shame anyone’s eating habits or beliefs, but because there are many foods that get passed off as being “okay to consume”.

One of the main points I wanted to mention in today’s article is not about myself, but about a few friends that I’m proud of. There’s 3 specifically that have talked to me about their progress, but I know I have more friends that I would like to say “I’m proud of you!”

First friend is my friend Karli. I haven’t seen you in a while which sucks, but I’ve been seeing your progress and I’m so proud of your weight loss! You look so much happier.

Ashley, I haven’t seen you in quite a while either, but I’m happy that you are working hard on fitness and a better diet! I hope you can keep working towards your goal every day :).

And Steph, you have gone through so much through the years with weight, but you never let it keep you down as you continue to fight every day towards a happy & healthy life.

I love you ladies, all of you are inspirations!

A potentially exciting update in addition to my fitness journey…I may be starting a business with my best friend of 18 years involving diet & fitness plans for anyone that wants to lose weight, gain muscle, or living a healthier life in general. I will keep you guys updated on that.

Talk to you soon! 🙂

©Frank Anthony 2017

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