The heart is sick of love
My love is sick of you
Bleeding into my brain
Singing inside my head.
I crave you.
The smile that stopped rain.
I swallow pride
To reside over your name.
“Where did the traveler go?”
The brown-eyed boy asks
I juggle an emotional storm and respond
“I don’t know, my friend.”
To pull you into closed arms
Inhale your comforting scent
Taste your language
My world would be spent.
Walking thousands of miles
Your face is forever constant
Leave me alone!
But pull me in close.
The crazy exists
Your death was pretend
Your role was played remarkably
But I fucking loved you instead.
To craft a man so beautiful
And drop him in the ocean
Is like receiving the gift of immunity
To only sleep for all eternity.
I yell at regret
I tell him not to come out and play
He snickers in my face and says
“your mistakes have been made.”
I still drag my broken body
Over fake news and unheard boos
You can spit in my face
But I am not done with you.
I crave you.
Face me head-to-head
My soul speaks all of my thoughts
Push my head into your chest
And say
“Everything is okay.”
I crave you.
I need you to save me.
From myself.

©Frank Anthony 2017

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