Beautiful Man

Lie your head on

My comforting shoulders,

Beautiful man.

Dance the night away,

Listening to the beat

Of my heart.

Captivated by

Your angelic eyes,

And the soul that lives inside of you.

Swimming on your wave length,

Prevents my trust from drowning.

When your lips drenched in benevolence

Press onto mine,

My psyche becomes stagnant.

Fixated on each crack

Scattered down the walls

That I built overnight,

Due to meaningless strife

With passing strangers.

But with you,

The center piece of my existence,

I crave you heavily.

Desire you deeply.

Your perseverance crashes into me

Like an ocean’s waves,

Closing wounds with natural serenity.

A plethora of devotion

I would carry on a battered back,

Thousands of miles,

Through busy streets,

To the depths of hell,

To safely assure

Your spirit was well.

When the dance is over,

When conversation runs out of steam,

Thinking of you I will.

Believing in you will not dim.

Will you be mine,

Beautiful man?

©Frank Anthony 2017

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