Body + Mind

Your eyes,
Shatter the confidence
Of the bravest men
Your nose,
Crafted by
Angels in the sky
Your lips,
Softer than the finest silk
Kiss me until my lungs run out of air
Your smile,
Scares away the shadows
That try to devour tranquility
Your skin,
As smooth as uninterrupted water
Washes away worried thoughts
Your hands,
The keeper of my heart
Please don’t let go of hope
Your chest,
The cage of your kindness
I can hear the struggles you have overcome
Your stomach,
A map to travel my lips south

Your point of view,
Refreshing forgiveness to end all wars
Your handsome mind,
The creator of self-expression
Let me love your complex identity
Taste your flaws
Fall into concrete arms
Your language,
A lullaby for the damaged soul
To sleep soundly next to
Sweet prince,
I want you

©Frank Anthony 2017


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