First Month With Pure Haven

I entered my friend’s house, had some refreshments, sat on the couch, and not realize that my life was going to take a huge turn. I was looking at pamphlets, making a purchase to support a friend’s small business, and gush to her over a guy who ended up shattering my heart to pieces. When I wanted to break down and loathe, to hide in a shell of security, I decided to put that energy into something positive. I decided to join Pure Haven, to be the phoenix and rise from the ashes.

Every consultant is aware of Pure Haven’s mission: to spread awareness of the toxins and toxic chemicals that are in everyday products. Pure Haven uses only the cleanest and safest ingredients possible and all products are made in a USDA Organic Certified Manufactering Facility. I was a sponge that was ready to absorb any information since I knew nothing about this company. I leaped into an unknown river only to feel refreshed.

I had until November 30th to make $1000 in sales or $600 in sales, 2 gatherings, and one new consultant. By October 31st, I had made $1000 in sales and 2 gatherings.

Here are some tips I learned over the course of the month that helped me become a better consultant:

  1. Confidence is not only sexy, it’s also marketable
    Not having confidence in not only what you’re selling, but lack of confidence in yourself is going to end up costing you sales. Think about it, when we’re single and looking for a suitor, are we attracted to the quiet person hiding in the corner or the person who approaches us with eye contact and a smile? For most of us, it’s not easy to be in the spotlight or approach people we don’t know, but when you work up the courage, push aside that little anxiety monster, the weight on your shoulders is gone and you feel relieved. Dress stylish and bold, but also comfortable. Be positive and outgoing without being prideful. Sprinkle a little bit of who you are/what makes you unique onto every business conversation.
  2. Knowledge is power
    The more you learn about your products, the more information you will be able to provide to your customers. Luckily, all of us are part of a supportive and knowledgeable community that want to see each other grow and prosper. One thing to remember is you’re never going to have every answer to every question thrown at you and that’s okay. But take the time to cultivate your passion for Pure Haven and your results will boom!
  3. Don’t be discouraged from the word “no”
    I had a couple people who were thinking about being consultants this past month. So far, none of them have (yet) but I decided to choose to be understanding to people’s circumstances instead of discouraged or enraged. Instead, I ask even more and advertise about why people should join, why Pure Haven is worth joining. When you are trying to make sales, there are going to be people who don’t want to buy your products. That’s okay. You will survive and you will find people who will fall in love with the products like you did. It’s like what they say about dating, there are plenty of fish in the sea. The more you venture out and not go back to shore so quickly, the better chance you have at becoming successful.
  4. Your client list is not limited
    With most small businesses, especially that revolve around buying products, people mistake them for being shopping ground solely for middle-aged women. With Pure Haven, that is far from the truth. Educate potential customers that our products benefit the whole family, even Spot in the corner chasing his tail. Don’t think a man would buy anything from you? Approach him anyway, you never know until you try. I didn’t think this man would be participating in direct sales, but here I am. One important habit to break at the beginning is only selling to friends & family. Their support is amazing and your tree will grow, but if you want your tree to bear fruit, that’s when you network and make connections outside the fence surrounding your social circle. For parents, recommend kids and/or baby products. If they have teenagers, a skin care set could be what solves their acne issues. Teachers will need hands on to go and/or the kids and body lotion for all of the students coming and going from their classroom. Housekeepers and custodians can get a great bargain with the surface and glass cleaners. And for anyone elderly or anyone who takes care of them can benefit greatly from a dream cream and/or foot therapy cream.

    I can’t wait to continue my journey with Pure Haven and to continue learning more since there’s a huge fountain of information the company has to offer. I also wouldn’t be where I am without the help and support from Jessica, Angela, Carolyn, and Corey. Just a few of the amazing individuals that work for this company.

    Describe Pure Haven in three words: Safe. Trusted. Pure.

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