Anti Hero

Put down the gun

Dark angel that uses

Loss as a fuel source

Some may have swam the current

Some set your world on fire

Some drank the kool-aid of rumors

Some walked on thin wire

Pity you?

Silly you

They only wanted blood

To cover your diamonds

A smile to be dragged

A hundred miles

Until you pleaded for mercy

“Oh please, stick to my sanity!”

“Don’t leave me, please.”

A begger ends up choosing

Less than they deserve

A plate with half the food eaten

Utensils with the handles missing.

It was one time.

Grabbed the love of your life

And stabbed you in the back

At the same time


Multitasking friendly betrayal

Lip-locked until the key

Lost its flair

Left you outside to carry

A revolver of trust issues

Rummaging through cardboard boxes

To find everything but tissues

Knuckles bruised from the door

“Let me in!” you gasp.

Sick of goodbyes

Sick from depression

Sick of the tides

Washing away the footprints

In the sand

Your hand holding

An umbrella

To protect from rain clouds

Raining words of desolation

Soaking wet from the abuse

Put on new clothes

That haven’t been washed in allegations

Need a vacation

From circling the drain

Dump work in the sink

To keep you sane

Being cordial with sharks

To remain

As tied together as a rubber band ball

Bounce into a dreary room

Where a mirror leans

On forgotten fog

Pills on the nightstand

Where did things go wrong

Superman left

When you became kryptonite

You tortured souls

To feed your appetite

Recurring regret residue

Fills your lungs every night

Go back to sleep

You don’t want to get out of bed

Your mind is racing but

Motivation is molasses

Fantasies become factual

Heaven is havoc

You feel smashed into pieces

Disregarded on weekends

The pills remain static

You’re attracted to madness

Before you ignore warning

Suffocate from pill coding

You notice someone

Who regardless of struggle

They continue glowing

Pouring songs into

Open tunes

Helping broken-down strangers

Exhaust the fumes

Couldn’t let a hero

Lose that point of view

That’s when I realized

I was you

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