Pure Haven Business

Good afternoon,

I am happy to talk about my small business that I started back in October and ever since, has been fairly successful. The purpose of starting to blog about it is I want what I love to do to be shared around the world. The business is called “Pure Haven” and you may be wondering “What is Pure Haven? Why should I care?”

Pure Haven creates products that are 100% free of toxins. Their main focus is to use natural ingredients that will help nourish the body instead of ingredients that leave a negative impact. For example, many products on our store shelves are packed with preservatives and ingredients that can cause headaches, skin irritation, nausea, nervous system disruption, and even cancer. It’s scary how loose the guidelines are for the FDA in the United States.

I will continue posting more information about the products I offer and use everyday, but if you have any questions, comment away! 🙂

**Today Only I am running a 30% off sale on products. Message me for more details on the discount and/or becoming a consultant yourself.

Here is the website:


Party ID: 214615 (for Sylvia)

Also join my Facebook Group to watch live videos & check out upcoming deals/promotions:




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